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our communities provide us with a ton of support - from good schools to send our children to each day to the local craftsmen that make our products so great.  this is why we have always made a point to try to give back as much as we can to those communities in which we work and play (as well as some that that just need help).     

through the business council of peace (bpeace.org), an organization dedicated to helping women in regions of conflict, we met fatima.  fatima is a furniture maker, just like us, but she lives in kabul, afghanistan.  despite the great odds against her, fatima has not only managed to survive the dangers within her city, but has built a thriving business that employs a number of other local women.  fatima visited our connecticut factory for several days to learn some best practices to apply to her own business and we have lent her a hand in getting her operations up and running smoothly.  her success has rippled through her community and has allowed her to provide opportunities for women in the area that can be hard to come by.     

fatima's story is the one we love to tell because of the extreme hardship she overcame, but we have also work with over 50 local, state and national charities and other organizations to try to do our part in giving back.   we are pretty sure we haven't quite fully solved any global problems just yet, but you gotta start somewhere!