28 August 2013

a not-so lost art: papercrafting

okay. it’s a rainy day and you’re kids are stuck inside. 8 hours of cartoons are not on your agenda. So what to do? Crafting seams the obvious choice, but sometimes building a life-like replica of the eiffel tower out of nothing but toothpicks can seem a bit daunting. Our suggestion? Paper crafting. We recently stumbled upon these cute downloadable templates from Digitprop. They’re Cubicity line (perfect for beginners) 26-letter alphabet & finger dolls (moderately complex) or movable models (for those brave enough to try) only require 4 materials. A printer, paper, scissors and glue. Spell your child’s name, build a small city, or adopt a small zoo. The templates offer a quick and easy way to spend quality time crafting with your kids without needing to make ten trips to the art store. Plus, they’re super cute! Check out the images and links from their blog below as well as our studio’s own office gnome.http://digitprop.com/papercraft/ 

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05 August 2013

2013 NYC Highline Honey Day!

Don’t BEE afraid! This is the one festival that was sweeter than the rest. This past week in NYC, High-line visitors had a chance to celebrate honey bees and more importantly, their HONEY. I know what you’re thinking; ‘Bees? But don’t they sting?’ Why celebrate these buzzing buddies?Honeybees are crucial for the pollination of our crops, without them there would be no food! In the city, honeybees gather nectar and pollen from street trees, flowerbeds, backyard gardens, and public parks to make honey. First stop, the observation stations; A honey bee exploration station hosted by Brooklyn Grange allowed visitors of all ages to chat with urban beekeepers and get an up-close-and-personal look at live bees using their flower power. You could even get a glimpse at an actual queen bee! A representative from the Grange dished out all kinds of fun facts. For example, did you know that bees use a ‘wiggle dance’ to communicate? Unbeeelievable!Walking along the highline, spectators tasted, smelled, and felt everything honey related. From candles and honey gelato, to honey & sugar body scrubs. All the vendors had one goal, to help support the local bee artisans.  This was a great event for kids and adults (they even had honey beer and pie!) to indulge in.  Interested in more? Look for the official NYC Honey Festival in on September 7th  in Rockaway Beach.More about Brooklyn Grange! Brooklyn Grange is a commercial urban farm, meaning we grow food and sell it. We want farming to become a thriving and viable industry in the urban setting, and we aim to promote city farmers by providing them with a living wage and reliable livelihood.http://www.nychoneyfest.com/http://www.brooklyngrangefarm.com/

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08 July 2013

Hi there!

hello world!  thanks for checking out our new ducduc site!  if you can’t tell, we’re really excited to introduce our new site design as well as some fun new features that help show off our custom finishing capabilities.  since you found your way here, you probably have heard that every single ducduc piece is built from scratch by one of our craftsmen.  this means the color palette of little Timmy’s room doesn’t need to fall victim to whatever happens to be in stock.  love our super popular weathered finish?  use our product customizer to try it out on any piece you like.  throw in a pop of color here or a pop of color there to keep things light and fun.  is your martha a mini intellectual?  Keep things sleek, sophisticated and moody with some of our greys, neutrals and tonal looks that even the stodgiest of minimalists could appreciate.  point is, just choose your finish and fabric and voila, your custom crib, dresser or bunk is on the way with just a few clicks!  we are big fans of play time, so hope you will have some fun browsing our site and let us know what you think!  ducduc       

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